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Exciting New product

Robot Rumble is here. We are super excited with our latest invention. It is multilayered in approach with loads of high performance team criteria built in. Yes you build a working robot. Yes you compete for market value supremacy. Yes you battle other robots in a spectacular finale. Click here to view all information.

VENUE REVIEW – Peppers The Sands Torquay

We have been conducting events at The Sands for nearly 10 years, and we still recommend it to clients. Why? Consistency and quality of service. Sure it has the Peppers brand, but you know what you are going to get time and time again in terms of service. The outlook is tremendous. The atmosphere is extremely private and conducive to great meetings and outcomes. If...
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Face the challenge. Set your team free.

Great teams frequently overcome and succeed at unforeseen challenges. We see it time and again.  The characteristics displayed by these teams are consistent. They face the challenge.  A great team does not avoid it, or delay in dealing with it. Everyone gets their hands dirty. They fully utilise the tools at their disposal.  Or find what they need to get it done. Great teams who...
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New “Primitive” Menu for Bush Safari

Chef is at his creative best again.  This time a new “primitive” menu for our Bush Day-Safari. Inspired by campfire cooking over charcoals, offers an interactive hands-on option or sit back and relax approach as you enjoy this incredible lunch experience. The menu will change depending on seasons and your chosen safari location: Great Ocean Road; Goldfields; High Country.  Matching the best local produce with...
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Ask and Improve – It Will Work

Ask: What are we doing to improve our team performance? Why: Because high-performance teams accelerate business performance. Believe: Yes, a better business equals success. But this success also translates to an environment even better than the one you have now. People: An environment that is better flows on to happier people plus quite a few other benefits. Continuous: This cycle becomes self-perpetuating. The better things...
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