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Face the challenge. Set your team free.

Face the challenge. Set your team free.

Great teams frequently overcome and succeed at unforeseen challenges.

We see it time and again.  The characteristics displayed by these teams are consistent.

  1. They face the challenge.  A great team does not avoid it, or delay in dealing with it.
  2. Everyone gets their hands dirty.
  3. They fully utilise the tools at their disposal.  Or find what they need to get it done.
  4. Great teams who are free to engage, adapt and move quickly achieve outstanding results.

The teams that we see achieve in the highest 5% of results across all of our events are those who have been set free – but importantly know they are empowered to act.

Mistakes are made – but rectified.  There is no draconian overlord.  Remember everyone is in the team because of the skills they have.  Trust them.

Team building programs are a great environment to try and test this approach.  Results can be measured.  Performances observed, rated and improved upon.  Learning can then be adopted to the “real world” with incredible results.

The above image is a leading team from a fashion retailer getting the job done.  No one new what was going to happen on this day.  They charged into the event head-on and shone.  Used to working in a fast pace environment requiring on the spot decisions without head office approval – they were fantastic.