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Great causes unite teams

Great causes unite teams

300 Harvey Norman delegates just completed our Build a Bike for charity event.

The format: complete a fun challenge and win a bike part. Build your bike first to win.

The Catch: no one knew why they were building the bike – most thought they had to ride/race them.

The Reveal: as the first teams completed their bikes the charity was revealed – Berry Street Foundation (http://www.berrystreet.org.au focuses on children and young people).

Peoples emotions swelled. The world can be a challenging place.

The Result: 300 people pulling together as one to complete 50 bikes to shop standard by the tight deadline.


People ask, “Does helping a cause benefit our team?”

Short answer: YES.

It helps of many levels, some include:

  • people feel good helping the community and others
  • people inherently pull together quickly when there is a need beyond their own
  • this stronger bond is brought back to the work place post event
  • people learn new things about their colleagues in a positive light
  • people are exposed to a cause for the greater good (of which they might not in their day to day life) and as a result broadens and improves the individual
  • people are happy when helping others
  • people have to work together to achieve great things – a cause can bring down internal barriers and also help people shine
  • happy people in the workplace are great and have many flow on benefits
  • its is a great reflection on your brand and people

It is also awesome to help others.

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  1. Ian Curry - HI Events

    On behalf of Harvey Norman, my thanks for contributing to the tremendous success of the Harvey Norman conference 2015. The bar has been raised yet again and needless to say that the high level of professionalism servicing the conference was paramount to the overwhelming success. THANK YOU!

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