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S-Tip: Adapt Fast

S-Tip: Adapt Fast

Our observations of over 1,500 teams have shown that successful teams adapt fast.

By definition:  Adapt: (verb) adjust to a different situation or condition.   

Adaptation can take many forms. Some include:

  • Facing unexpected challenges.
  • Personnel changes.
  • Market disruptive competitors.
  • Technology.
  • Global market changes and localised market changes.
  • The need for a 1% improvement.


In some cases factors are forced upon a team. In others careful consideration is required.

We see it time and time again – the team that adapts quicker wins.

Naturally mistakes can occur in adapting rapidly. The key is identifying this early and not being afraid to make a mistake.

The risk to success of making a mistake and not adapting are more or less equal. But the team that adapts when required shows a desire to succeed at the highest level – and if a mistake is made will readily adapt again and again.

There are teams who are incapable of adapting quickly. There are many reasons for this, which also varies from team to team.

The ability to adapt fast can be driven by a leader or from within the team – to succeed the team needs to come “on board” in a positive manner to affect this.

The skill to adapt can be taught and learned both at team and the individual level.

The ability to adapt fast is a key characteristic of a high performance team.

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