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Why Build & Reward

Why Team Building

Well-performing teams are critical to the success of all companies.

High-performance and dynamic teams accelerate business performance as well as the personal growth of individual team members.

High-Performance Teams = Happy Customers = Better Business

Big Stick Adventures build teams that are forward-looking and energetic; teams that are excited by the possibilities your vision creates.

Strong teams are:

•RESPECTFUL of colleagues’ skills and personality.
•WORKING TOGETHER towards a common goal.

Situations that benefit from team building include:

•launches – whether of a new company, division, project, product etc,
•turnaround – to save a business or initiative acknowledged to be in difficulty,
•accelerated growth,
•realignment – to re-energise a company,
•sustaining success.

It is important for your team to acknowledge the goals these situations present and work collaboratively towards achieving them.

Poorly performing teams cannot achieve these goals.

Big Stick’s team building programs range from informal activities or events through to formal programs complete with team analysis.

Our Approach

UNDERSTANDING your business across such facets as:
• branding principles,
• internal culture and values,
• organisational structure,
• staff roles and responsibilities,
• current challenges,
• current strategy,
• leadership team, their perceptions, concerns and observed opportunities.
APPLYING this knowledge to create a 100% cent customised team building event.
DELIVERING a post-event analysis highlighting team strengths and opportunities.
DEMONSTRATING the benefits of an ongoing team development program. Ongoing formal and informal programs enable the application and development of lessons learnt, increasing team focus more than a “one-off” team building hit.

Our programs are:

•aligned to your objectives and desired team dynamics.
•100 per cent customised. How can an off-the-shelf solution work for every company?
•experience based, because people retain information and hence learn better through real-life and extraordinary experiences.
•always fun.
•focused on healthy lifestyles and personal growth.

Why Reward?

You cannot simply pay your team a lot of money and hope they’ll feel enthusiastic about their work. This is especially true where bonding is not fostered; work seems meaningless or people feel defenceless.
Different people have different motivating factors.
A key motivating factor for any high-performance team is the non-monetary reward.
An incentive says “if you exceed our goals/targets, we will exceed your expectations of us”.
A true reward will deliver something few get to experience, or something that the recipient would not normally do.
Success must be celebrated and rewards are critical to engaging your team.
A suitable reward for exceeding targets adds further motivation. And when partnered with a team building program it leads to a better organisation, better service and product, more satisfied customers, increased profits and happier staff.

Post-event Debrief

Programs can include a debrief and discussion that includes:

  • success of individual teams and overall group
  • observed strengths
  • observed opportunities
  • measurement of outcomes against set objectives
  • discussion of solutions and other possible outcomes
  • “Tell us what you were thinking when to did this?” An opportunity for people to share their thought processes and skills when completing tasks. This enables staff to learn from each other, understand colleagues better and share their knowledge and experience with the wider group.

The post event debrief can be enhanced with video footage or still photos.

OUR AIM: To excite and unite your team!